Danielle K.

Dale Brothers Construction recently refurbished the exterior of our 3 story, 4000 sqft. home in Stono Ferry with Artisan Harty Siding, new windows and doors.

Finding the right Contractor seemed like an endless search until a trusted friend suggested we talk to the Dale Brothers, who had just started their own construction company after years of subcontracting. We met with the Dale twins, John and Mike and were immediately impressed with their building knowledge and vast experience in home renovations, detailed carpentry, house framing, running construction crews and more. The best part, they do all their own work, are punctual, honest and have excellent work ethics. Within days after we met they presented a reasonable bid, estimated the job timing and finished the entire job a week early on budget. John and Mike started our job in mid Jan. and never missed a day, and it was a cold, rainy Winter! They negotiated bad sills, termites and unexpected damages but nothing fazed them, they knew how to fix everything.

Jim and Danielle Kenney are pleased to give the Dale Brothers Construction, LLC, our highest recommendation!! They did a marvelous job for us and •••• they are a delight to have working around your home.

Danielle K.

Carolina One Real Estate
Charleston, SC


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